Update for Site

1)Between theaters being closed for quite some time now and the amount of time and effort that went into the Netflix articles I wrote at the beginning the shutdown, I lost a lot of drive to write more. That said, I have watched A LOT of television and older/obscure movies during this time. So, I plan on writing up some reviews to be posted within the coming weeks. Plans are TV reviews on Tuesdays or Thursdays and throwback movie reviews on the weekends.

2)I have been seeing a lot of misconceptions about the situations with AMC bankruptcy, Theaters vs. Universal, pricing of tickets and concessions, and the “success” of streaming for Trolls World Tour. I’m trying to collect my ideas around these things and dissect them in articles but it is taking a while to organize.

3)Books are glorious. I was asked by a few when the site first launched if I would also do book reviews, and my initial reaction was “no, SavingMovieNight will be a focused on what the site is aimed towards.” That said, a lot of reading has been done over the past few months and I have come to a solution: I am going to try and do quasi-reviews for books that I specifically think should/will become adapted for TV or the big screen.

Sorry for the long update but it has been quite some time since I’ve updated the site. Expect some new content starting this coming week.

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